Thursday, October 13, 2016

Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum .22 Caliber Lead Hunting Pellets Review

Having purchased a couple of high powered pellet rifles, I was in search of a pellet that would shoot accurately - consistently.  Knowing these guns will play a vital role in my personal preparedness plans makes it vital that I have a pellet that preforms well above average.   Crosman Premier .22 Cal, 14.3 Grains, Domed, Hunting Pellets seem to fit the bill.  I have found these pellets to be superior when it comes to knock down power and accuracy.  

Crosman Premier .22 Cal, 14.3 Grains, Domed, 500ct
Crosman Premier Pellets
With the  Crosman Premier .22 Cal, 14.3 Grains, Domed, Hunting PelletsI can consistently send pellets down range at 900+ feet per second.  This provides ample knockdown power for taking small game such as birds, squirrels, rabbits and even raccoons.  

Pyramid Air offers a special on their pellets.

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Buy three tins of pellets and get the fourth tin free! At that rate you can afford to purchase your pellet stockpile all at once.

- Prepare today, Survive tomorrow

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Fatal Decision

While on a recent fishing trip I watched as a butterfly landed atop the water.  Here this beautiful creature lay becoming saturated with water to the point of its inability to escape the situation.  I am no expert on butterflies, but I do know that they are unable to fly once their wings become saturated with water.  As I watched this deadly phenomenon unfold I wondered what would cause a butterfly to make  such a fatal decision?  I do not know.  Perhaps I witnessed this scene taking place to bring about an awareness that every decision we make has the potential to become fatal during a survival situation.
Dead Butterfly, Butterfly on Water, Butterfly Truman Lake
Butterfly Dead On The Water

Any time a decision arises, we must be careful to choose the right path.  Although we may get lucky from time to time, carelessly and haphazardly making a decision during an emergency situation can lead to dire consequences or even death.  Don't make a deadly decision like the butterfly.  Ensure that you have the best outcomes for any given situation by taking the time to think through the possible results of your impending actions.

-Prepare today, Survive tomorrow!