Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Choosing Your Bug Out Property

Many people want to know what to look for when selecting a bug out property.  In this post I will share some of the guidelines I use when helping someone understand how to select the right property for them.  There are many things to consider and many of them rank right up at the top when it comes to priorities.  The following list has been designed to help aid in the selection of a bug out property.  These items are in no particular order.


When selecting a property for the purpose of bugging out it is important to keep water in mind.  How will you supply your family or those who will be around you with fresh clean water.  A pond is a good source of water, but be sure that the pond will continue to hold water even during the driest periods of the year.  A spring fed pond is the best choice.  Properties which have springs are a great thing to look for.  If you are unable to find a full blown spring, another option is to find a property with a seep.  A seep can be worked into a wonderful water source.
Spring, Water, Water Source
Spring fed ponds offer a constant supply of water

A property selected for bugging out should be able to provide your group with a constant supply of food.  Are you planning to garden?  If so be sure that your chosen property has enough of a clearing to support a big enough garden to supply extra food for canning and preserving.  If it doesn't already have an open area, does the property you are looking at have enough space to clear cut a gardening area?  This is something to think about.  A property that produces or is capable of producing wild edibles is a great thing to look for.  Whether you are planning to hunt for food, raise your own food or a little of both, it is important to be sure that any properties considered are able to live up to the task.  This means that any activity you will be planning on doing must not be banned by restrictions in the area.  There are some areas that place restrictions on hunting, what type of animals are permitted and many other areas of concern.  Be sure that you do your research before purchasing a piece of land so that you are not hit with a big surprise after closing on it.  If a property has restrictions that will not allow you to live the life you want, pass it up.  There will always be other properties available and getting locked into a place that will not allow every activity that will be necessary in a survival situation is not something anyone wants to deal with.  There are those who feel that in a SHTF scenario none of these rules will apply and therefore they do not care about restrictions.  I however, feel that it is important to have your supply chain already established before such an emergency takes place and would not consider any place that will prevent this from happening.
Wild Mushrooms, Wild Edibles, Chanterelle Mushrooms
Wild edibles are something to look for on a property being considered

When the topic of safety comes up many people (especially newcomers to the prepping scene) don't understand how important this is.  Many people feel the government will step in and take care of everything, but those of us who have researched the possibilities know that this is highly unlikely.  When food stamps suddenly dry up and the store shelves are completely bare an every day average joe who wouldn't harm a fly will transform into a wandering marauder in search of any way to feed their family.  For this reason I suggest choosing a property that is well out of the way of any major city.  The general rule of thumb is that most people won't travel more than eight miles in search of food and other necessities.  I'm not one to rely on untested theories.  Because of this I tell anyone asking that the farther away from civilization the property is the more safety it provides.  You may also want to consider obtaining a piece of property that is at least partially wooded.  This will serve more than one purpose, but for safety's sake it will allow your bug out party a place to retreat to and cover to fight from if you do come into danger.  A property that offers bluffs and/or boulders in addition to a wooded area is even better.
Protection, Cover, Boulders
Boulders will offer a form of cover and are excellent
when paired with woodlands

Besides offering protection and security, purchasing a piece of property that offers some woodlands  will also provide a fire source.  This will ensure that you are able to cook your food as well as being able to heat your shelter.  For those who plan to use a solar cooking device, I say having more options is always better than relying solely on one plan of action. 
Cooking Fuel, Heating Fuel, Fuel Source For Heating & Cooking
Woodlands offer an excellent heating and cooking fuel source
Before purchasing a property, be sure that it will supply everything your group will need in order to not just survive, but to thrive in a worst case scenario.  I know I have already said this, but do your research on the property you are considering.  Get to know the property.  Visit it several times while deciding if it's the one.  Each time you visit a property you will learn more about it than you did the last time you checked it out.  Some of these things will be good.  Some of these findings may be bad.   Know as much about the property as you possibly can.  The last thing you want to do is to sign your name on the dotted line for a piece of property only to find out it will not serve its purpose.   

- Prepare now to thrive tomorrow 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Piece Of Heaven In The Missouri Ozarks

Well, it's official.  As of September 16th 2016 I have signed my name on the dotted line to purchase a small 10.2 acre piece of ground nestled between Truman Lake and the Lake of the Ozarks here in Missouri.
Land, Acreage, Truman Lake Area
Property Near Truman Lake & Lake of the Ozarks
This property is wooded and has a small spring fed pond.  I figure the pond will ensure that my family won't have to worry about water in the future (as long as the spring holds out).

Pond, Ponds, Spring Fed Ponds
Spring Fed Pond
Having walked the property I also know that there are wild edibles as well as deer and turkey in the area which will help provide food.  I also plan to clear a section of this property for gardening as well as putting in a chicken coop and a rabbit hutch which will further aid in food production.

Chanterelle, Wild Edibles, Foraging
Chanterelle Mushrooms Are Abundant
As for shelter, I plan to build a small cabin on the property in the future.  Below is another picture of the property.
Wooded Land, Missouri Ozarks, Truman Lake Area
A Beautiful View Of The Woods
This property is about 14 miles from town which will benefit us if and when any major SHTF situation arises as most marauders won't be willing to travel that far to commit their acts of violence.

The price tag for this property was $18,000.  After the down payment and closing costs, there is a $12,000 balance financed over the next two years.  We have set up a Go Fund Me page at for anyone who might be able and willing to help out with getting this property paid off quickly.

- A prep a day can help keep ill fate away