Monday, May 23, 2016

Bugout Bags & The Necessities

For those preppers who are "bugging out" a is a must have.  Whether you purchase a bag and the supplies separately or you buy a ready made bugout bag, it is imperative that they be stocked with the proper items.

Items that need to be in your bugout bag include:

  • - I suggest a flashlight that takes AA or AAA batteries as these are much cheaper than specialty batteries.
  • - These are an excellent choice for a situation when light will be needed for a while but you don't want to waste those precious batteries.
  • - Multi tools are the most efficient way to carry a variety of tools without taking up too much room in you bugout bag.
  • - A shovel will come in handy for a variety of reasons from digging up bait to hiding or retrieving your caches.
  • - Make sure you have a first aid kit with you wherever you go in a SHTF situation.  You never know when an accident will take place.
  • - A mess kit that includes reusable utensils is a must-have when bugging out.
  • - Your bugout bag should contain enough food to get you through at least three days. This will enable you to reach your destination without worrying about finding food along the way.
  • - Paracord has an almost infinite number of uses from replacing a shoe lace to anchoring your shelter.
  • - The lifestraw is about as good as it gets. This proven personal water filter is both small and lightweight.
  • - A water bottle with a filter should be included in every bugout bag.  Make sure the water bottle you purchase has the best filtration system you can afford to purchase.  Your life may well depend on this one item.
  • - You never know when you may have to repair something along the way. Be sure to include a sewing kit in your bugout bag.
  • - Tarps are an important item to include in your bag. I suggest you carry two (one for your shelter needs and one to cover anything you don't want getting wet while you're traveling).
  • - I recommend getting a radio that is powered by a hand crank so you won't need to carry any batteries for it.  I also suggest making sure that your radio includes the weather band and will pick up short wave signals.  This will be your only connection to what is taking place during a SHTF situation.
  • - A good bowie knife or machette will have many uses such as splitting kindling for starting your fires.
  • - A sharp folding knife can come in handy for the smaller tasks that don't require a machette. I suggest the Piranta because it is a very high quality knife that won't let you down. As an added bonus the Piranta uses razor sharp disposable blades so you will never have to use up time sharpening it while you're on the go.
  • - This one is pretty self explanatory. No-one wants to get soaking wet while on the go.
This list covers most of the items you will want to bring with you when you are on the move. You will definitely want to include some spare batteries for your flashlight as well as some personal hygiene items, a lightweight .22 caliber handgun along with some extra ammunition and perhaps a lightweight sleeping bag if you are traveling to your bugout location on foot to keep your body off the bare ground (a lot of body heat can be lost by sleeping directly on the ground).  Everyone will have a few items that fit their personal situation.  

Bugout bags should be stocked and sitting in a location where they can be grabbed as you are exiting the house.  You never know when you may have to leave in a hurry and it would be a disastrous situation if you didn't have the things you needed after vacating the premises.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Add A High-Powered Pellet Rifle To Your Prepping Arsenal

Never underestimate the value of a high-powered pellet rifle when considering the tools that should be included in your doomsday arsenal.  These guns offer a method of hunting that is much quieter than using a boomstick.  It is also significantly less expensive to stock up on the ammunition needed for them.  There are other effective methods of hunting large game, but for small game the pellet rifle can't be beat.

The price of a high powered pellet rifle varies by model, but I suggest purchasing a better quality gun over a cheaper model.  Because you will be relying on this weapon to feed yourself and your family.  purchasing a gun that won't last isn't an option.

The gun I have is the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro .177 Caliber Air Rifle.  I chose a .177 rifle caliber over the .22 caliber because the pellets are cheaper which allows me to keep more on hand.  I have found this gun to be quite capable of taking all types of small game animals. There is a review of this gun at Average Midwest Outdoorsman.  There are less expensive rifles available but of the ones I have purchased and tested, this one has proven to be the most accurate and durable.

Although lead pellets will travel at a slower rate of speed than their lighter weight counterparts, I suggest using them because they produce much less noise.  Remember, you will be counting on your pellet rifle to supply you with food in a way that will not attract the attention of others.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Money When It Hits The Fan

If we are ever unfortunate enough to live through the turmoil created by everything going haywire paper money will quickly become worthless.  Many preppers purchase gold and silver thinking they will be able to get whatever they need with those ever precious metals.  Although gold and silver will almost definitely never become worthless, there are other items that will be more valuable in a doomsday scenario.  In a case like this the ability to barter with items that are essential for everyday life will prove to be priceless. 

Because we can't live more than a few days without it, water will instantly rise to the top of the list as a valuable commodity.  When the public water supply is dwindling and no-one is able to get ahold of this ever precious asset, people will be willing to do almost anything to quench their thirst.

will also be near the top and most likely second only to water.  People will stop at nothing to attain food when their families are starving.  Don't allow your family to get into a situation where they are hurting for food.

Lighters and matches will be another valuable resource for bartering.  Whether they need to cook their food or are trying to stay warm, everyone will need some method of starting a fire. Some of the best lighters are  which will enable you to start hundreds of fires and can be refilled with any flammable fluid.

When stores become non-existent and clothing is no longer readily available most individuals will not know what to do.  Having a few extra garments laying around will allow you to trade with these drifters who are likely to posses an item or two that you may desire.

Weapons, tools and ammunition will be desired by the masses who are attempting to hunt and protect themselves out of desperation.

Many of the people wandering the streets will be in search of alcohol and nicotine.  These two substances are quite addictive and the withdrawal that will be felt by those who use and abuse them is going to be immense.

Without doctors or hospitals, will also be in high demand.  Injured people will be in search of all types of medical related necessities in order to facilitate their needs.

Never underestimate the value of your own skills.  There will be people who want to have something done that you will be able to help them with in exchange for the items or skills you need.

The above list doesn't cover all the wants and needs that will be experienced during a worst case scenario, but it should give you an excellent place to start.  By thinking of those items that would cause life to be more difficult in their absence you will be able to compile an extensive list of necessities for bartering.