What Is A Prepper

Prepping is the process of taking action to be prepared for some type negative event. Preppers are people who take part in the act of prepping.  Preppers do not like leaving anything to chance.  They do their best to live within their means, not spending more money than they bring in.  A prepper attempts to provide for themselves as much as possible.  

The main stream media tends to portray preppers as crazy lunatics who belong in mental institutions.  The show "Doomsday Preppers" also did their part to assist the media outlets in depicting a prepper as someone who is off their rocker. However, many of our own government organizations recommend at least a minimal amount of preparedness.  

Despite what the media wants you to think about them, the vast majority of preppers are average, ordinary, down-to-earth people who don't think any better of themselves than anyone else.  It is highly likely that you are around preppers on a daily basis.  Most of them don't talk about their efforts to prepare or make a scene about it.  They simply go about their business like everyone else around.

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