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- This book is one of my absolute favorites on the subject of alternative energy.  This how-to handbook will give you the information you need to free yourself from the constraints of modern living.  Electricity and energy don't have to come off the public utility grid.  Alternatives abound in solar, wind, and water generated power.  Design decisions can drastically affect power consumption, and bio-diesel and alternative fuels can help break the oil habit. Dave Black describes alternatives for eco-pimping your home and lifestyle for independence, economy, and a more integrated way of life. Equally valuable for the urban dweller vaguely concerned about the size of his or her carbon footprint and the rural self-sufficiency enthusiast, Living Off the Grid can help anyone take control of his or her life and way of living. 50 b/w photographs.

Item Details:

AuthorDave Black
Number Of Pages288 pages
Publication Date2008-11-17
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing Company, Incorporated
Copyright Date2008
Weight12.5 Oz
Height5.1 In.
Width5 In.
Length7.5 In.

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