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Monday, May 16, 2016

Add A High-Powered Pellet Rifle To Your Prepping Arsenal

Never underestimate the value of a high-powered pellet rifle when considering the tools that should be included in your doomsday arsenal.  These guns offer a method of hunting that is much quieter than using a boomstick.  It is also significantly less expensive to stock up on the ammunition needed for them.  There are other effective methods of hunting large game, but for small game the pellet rifle can't be beat.

The price of a high powered pellet rifle varies by model, but I suggest purchasing a better quality gun over a cheaper model.  Because you will be relying on this weapon to feed yourself and your family.  purchasing a gun that won't last isn't an option.

The gun I have is the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro .177 Caliber Air Rifle.  I chose a .177 rifle caliber over the .22 caliber because the pellets are cheaper which allows me to keep more on hand.  I have found this gun to be quite capable of taking all types of small game animals. There is a review of this gun at Average Midwest Outdoorsman.  There are less expensive rifles available but of the ones I have purchased and tested, this one has proven to be the most accurate and durable.

Although lead pellets will travel at a slower rate of speed than their lighter weight counterparts, I suggest using them because they produce much less noise.  Remember, you will be counting on your pellet rifle to supply you with food in a way that will not attract the attention of others.