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Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Piece Of Heaven In The Missouri Ozarks

Well, it's official.  As of September 16th 2016 I have signed my name on the dotted line to purchase a small 10.2 acre piece of ground nestled between Truman Lake and the Lake of the Ozarks here in Missouri.
Land, Acreage, Truman Lake Area
Property Near Truman Lake & Lake of the Ozarks
This property is wooded and has a small spring fed pond.  I figure the pond will ensure that my family won't have to worry about water in the future (as long as the spring holds out).

Pond, Ponds, Spring Fed Ponds
Spring Fed Pond
Having walked the property I also know that there are wild edibles as well as deer and turkey in the area which will help provide food.  I also plan to clear a section of this property for gardening as well as putting in a chicken coop and a rabbit hutch which will further aid in food production.

Chanterelle, Wild Edibles, Foraging
Chanterelle Mushrooms Are Abundant
As for shelter, I plan to build a small cabin on the property in the future.  Below is another picture of the property.
Wooded Land, Missouri Ozarks, Truman Lake Area
A Beautiful View Of The Woods
This property is about 14 miles from town which will benefit us if and when any major SHTF situation arises as most marauders won't be willing to travel that far to commit their acts of violence.

The price tag for this property was $18,000.  After the down payment and closing costs, there is a $12,000 balance financed over the next two years.  We have set up a Go Fund Me page at for anyone who might be able and willing to help out with getting this property paid off quickly.

- A prep a day can help keep ill fate away