Thursday, May 2, 2999

Why Become A Prepper?

Becoming a prepper doesn't mean that you have to spend every penny you earn to build an underground shelter, have enough food to last five years or hoard an armory load of guns and ammo.  Most preppers don't have the money for all of these trappings, and if they did have more money they would refrain from spending it in that manner.

There are many reasons to become a prepper; most will fit into one of the following categories.
  • Wanting to be self sufficient - Many people know they can't depend on the government or other people to take care of them in any situation.  Because of this they desire to become self sufficient.  Becoming a prepper is often a result of working towards attaining self sufficiency.
  • Fear - Fear is a big motivating factor for convincing individuals to begin prepping. When a person lives through a situation that leaves them feeling helpless, it will often lead them to becoming a prepper.
  • Religious reasons - Other people feel their religions guide them to become preppers.  Many believe that the act of becoming prepared for unforeseen circumstances is something God would have them do. 
  • Caring about others - Believe it or not, some people actually begin their lives as preppers out of genuine concern for others.  These people feel that by prepping, they will be able to help others if and when the need arises. 
Whatever the motivating factor is for becoming a prepper, the reasons are legitimate in the eyes of the people who live this way.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Easy-To-Make Fire Starters

While getting ready to leave this morning, my wife asked me to change out the scent cube in the wax burner.  Having never done this task before I asked her how she does it.  
Making Home Made Fire Starters, How To Make Home Made Fire Starters
Wax Burner Air Freshener 

In response she brought some cotton swab circles to the living room and said just put these in there to soak up the old wax.  Throw them away and then put the new cube in to melt.
Home Made Fire Starters, Making Fire Starters
The Package of Cotton Rounds

I pulled a couple of these cotton rounds out of the package and proceeded to follow her instructions when it dawned on me that once they cool off these little honey-do remnants would become perfect fire starters!
Make Your Own Fire Starters, Making A Fire Starter
Cotton Round To Soak Up Old Wax

After pulling them out of the wax I proceeded to place them on a paper plate to dry.  From there I  placed them in a plastic bag to store until they are needed.
Home Made Fire Starters, DIY Fire Starters
Fire Starters Drying On A Paper Plate

The above picture is what they look like as they are drying.  I had to flip them over a few times to keep them from sticking to the plate, but it was worth the effort.

The next time your wife asks you to change out the scent cube in her wax burner, remember to grab the cotton rounds and add some fire starters to your preps.

- A prep a day can keep ill fate away.